“Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy”: About this book and the Author

Kids driving you crazy? Feeling like raising good kids is the hardest thing you have ever done? In that case, Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy ! This handbook for raising terrific kids provides parents with tools to help their kids be more obedient, more responsive, more successful and happier. It is full of practical, usable, tested ideas that will help simplify and enhance parenting skills. It also includes reproducible forms to help streamline and simplify family life and parenting. Karen Dimick, author of “Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy!” is a mother of five and a teacher. She has a substantial amount of experience with children of all ages and with all temperaments. The methods and forms in this book represent these years of experience and have all been tried in actual families. So for any frustrated or tired parent the answer is, Don’t Get Mad, Get Busy!

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Karen Dimick is a mother of five and a teacher. She has been teaching children of all ages for the past 30 years, but her biggest challenge and greatest success has been teaching and training her own five children. Karen holds a degree in psychology, two teaching credentials, one to teach elementary school and one working with children with special needs, and has recently completed a Master’s in Special Education. Karen currently works as an RSP teacher in a middle school.  For the 2008-2009  school year she was voted Teacher of the Year by her peers. She has worked as a freelance writer for years. This work represents her first full length book.

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