Chapter 12 Now What?

            So if you didn’t know raising kids is a lot of work, you sure know it now after reading about all of these ideas and systems.  If it makes you tired just looking at all of these ideas, don’t despair.  Just pick one idea or chart from this book and try it out.  If it works, keep with it for as long as it does.  If it doesn’t work, adjust it to fit your needs, or try another technique.  In a few months review some of the ideas again, and try something else, or do something just a little different. 

            In the appendices of this book you will find charts and forms set up for you to use.  Feel free to copy them and fill in the blanks, or go to our website and use the forms there.  The web version charts are easy to modify to fit your individual needs.

Parenthood is always a work in progress.  It is a 24 hour a day 7 day a week job that will never quite be complete.  It is all the joys you can imagine in life and all of the sorrows all rolled into one.  Your children will grow up just with the passage of time, and you don’t have control over all of what she chooses to do.  I do know, however, that if you take on the role of an active parent your child will be much more likely to make positive choices.  So don’t give up, don’t despair, and most of all, don’t get mad, get busy!


If you missed any parts of the book, click the links below to find what you are looking for.

Forward- Raising kids is a lot of work!

Prologue-What is discipline?.

Chapter 1-First, Build a Home.

Chapter 2-Next, Get Yourself in Control- The Silent Week.

Chapter 3-Now, Follow the Ground Rules for Proper Implementation.

Chapter 4-Start with Praise and Small Rewards.

Chapter 5-Token Economies.

Chapter 6- Allowance & Financial Extras.

Chapter 7- Jobs and Chores.

Chapter 8-School Performance.

Chapter 9-Family Communication.

Chapter 10-Helps for Problem Behavior

Chapter 11- Parenting Teens and Young Adults.

Forms & Charts.

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